iGCSE Study Group

Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 6pm - for primaire, college and lycée students whose parents would like them to complement their French education, Brevet and Baccalaureate with the IGCSE English Language, French and Mathematics qualifications. We provide additional English literacy and Mathematics classes for children and young people aged 4- 19yrs. We are proud to say that with the highly skilled and professional staff team in place, all of our pupils progress extremely well, whilst maintaining the importance of their French studies.

Wednesday 2pm to 4pm - English language and literacy tutor group for young people aged 11 - 18.

Experienced English Language teachers with over 20 years experience leads this group. There are two groups, a pre IGCSE group for young people who would like to maintain a high level of English literacy in preparation for joining the second group who are studying and working towards taking the IGCSE English Language examination. The second group are at a higher level in their English literacy studies and are ready to study the anthologies needed for the IGCSE English Language exam. The IGCSE English qualifications are extremely helpful for your child when choosing a Lycee, considering an International Baccalaureat and generally in terms of their future studies, ether in the UK or here in France, providing fluency and commitment to universities and employers. These sessions are fun, stimulating and enjoyable. Taught in small groups, designed to fit around the student's existing lycee/college workload.

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4pm to 6pm - Mathematics tutor group

A Maths tutor group for students who need help understanding the French methodology. We can provide Maths support for students aged from 8 to 20 yrs, offering extra cramming sessions for students preparing to take their Brevet or at a higher level, the Baccalaureat. Our current groups are enjoying a subject that has in the past been tedious, baffling and boring. The students are studying to improve their Maths skills to complement their French schoolwork and some are also focusing towards achieving the IGCSE and A level Mathematics examinations which will enhance any application to further education establishments in English speaking countries. One to one sessions can also be arranged. Please get in touch for more details.

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