Sunday 5th December marked the 3rd and final day of this years virtual Christmas fair and it certainly did not disappoint once again, with many talented local vendors coming out to partner up with us and put on a fantastic show online for everybody. We have had some brilliant people onboard with us this year and everybody who joined us for the last day certainly played their part to make the most of what has been a thoroughly enjoyable virtual Christmas fair this year. Below is a list and description of all the fantastic local businesses taking part in the final day of the virtual Christmas fair this year...

Carina and Lin - Adopt a Donkey

The Heehaws Donkey Sanctuary. Lets help support this fantastic charity by Adopting a Donkey for only €35! Materials, decorations and luxury items are lovely to receive but maybe some of us get to that point where we want to give and receive something more thoughtful, supportive and caring. Carina and Linda work tirelessly to help these donkeys recover from awful brutality and terrible living conditions, animals need support especially during these difficult times. They are a fairly new registered charity, and their main aim is to help, rescue and care for abused and neglected donkeys. The charity relies solely on donations and volunteers, so, any help we can offer to them will be greatly appreciated all round. Without the help and partnership from different communities, such as us, charities would not survive and be able to do the things they are able to do. Anybody is welcome anytime to come around and check the charity out as well as get a better insight to what really goes on behind the scenes and how you can help them in any possible way.

Jess Lack - Baking

Next up, we have the scrumptious creations made by Jess Lack at Personalised - The Personalised Baking Company, another regular partner of ours. When it comes to teachers and biscuits, they don't need much cajoling when there's a tasty snack lurking in the staff room. Jess' biscuits and treats are the perfect end of year treat/gift for those fab teachers who have done their best to keep your cherubs engaged in learning during this difficult time, what a year it has been as well for all of us, so if there is any year where we will need them, this one is certainly it. Jess makes fabulous treats for all occasions and not just for teachers. Remember, biscuits are for life not just for Christmas. Please contact Jess directly to order these delicious treats. She's getting busier in the run up to Christmas, so don't miss out. 

07 68 61 04 16

Josie Stone Taylor - Fairy Lights

Now for something charming and enlightening at the end of the day. Please take a look at these gorgeous origami fairy lights individually and custom made by Josie Stone Taylor to your own requirements, colours, length etc. These lights are truly magical and bring a certain twinkle into any lounge, terrace or as a unique decoration. Josie takes great pride in her creative arts and we take a lot of pride in this partnership on both sides as this business is a truly special one for everybody at Christmas, there is something there for everyone. Please contact Josie directly to place your order and ask any questions.  

00447507 908319

That's a wrap then for our Christmas fair this year. Despite it not being exactly what we had hoped for we still have a great partnership with so many of our local businesses who team up with us every year to make the Christmas fair as special as it is, we couldn't do it without all of your support either and everybody who joined us this weekend online or from home, thank you to all of you. Hopefully 2021 will bring some brighter prospects and better opportunities to get out there and make bigger and brighter things possible, but for now, we would like to wish everybody a very Happy Christmas and a great new year too.