Happy new year to one and all from all of us at The Old School, we are all looking forward to a new start and a year full of reasons for optimism and potential in every single one of us. 

2020 brought us all many unforeseen challenges, which were admirably met by everybody. Despite this, the school has grown into it's new premises at Monbahus, welcoming many new families and continuing the development of its wide and diverse network of community support. We are very much looking forward to the new beginnings that 2021 will bring. 

Our long awaited new Practical Science Lab is now ready to launch for the new term. This facility will be made available to anybody interested in science, discovery and exploration. Our French, English and Spanish language provisions are continuing to expand into new communes, for all age groups and to the wider business world. 

Distance learning will continue to grow and flourish throughout the new year as OSF Online provides quality global education options for 'classroomers' and 'classzoomers', to access real time classes in all subjects, at all levels, wherever the learner may be in the world. For students wishing to pursue university applications this year, we have increased our guidance provision to include not just British universities but the wider network of English speaking degree courses available globally. The Old School continues to embrace positive, supportive partnerships with students, parents, teachers and stakeholders, to effect change as we enter into 2021 together.

We take great pride in all of our available resources and facilities as well as providing the best possible education, care and safety for all of our students while we continue to fight the global pandemic. There is definitely a strong sense of optimism and positivity amongst the community as things hopefully begin to pick up as the year goes on.

Enjoy the last days of the holidays, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th January.