It's World Book Day and what a day we have had together at The Old School. We had such a busy day full of creativity, imagination and sharing one another's discoveries through the wonderful art of reading. Jane and Julie together are organising and helping the school to celebrate reading and literacy on Monday 8th March.

We organised some fantastic fun activities, including a quiz and creative art projects, themed around our students favourite reads. All students were encouraged to take part and we had a fantastic turnout of over half of the school participating. We are encouraging all students to bring in their latest book, to share what they love about the stories, which characters inspire them and let them drift away in those imaginative moments, that make them smile, cry, laugh... that they just couldn't put down.

There were also some delicious treats provided that we all love to enjoy whilst lost in our books. As well as gifting book tokens and encouraging all of our students to pick up a book and tell us what inspired them to read! 

Reading is an essential part of learning in any department for any student, no matter the subject. Here at The Old School we pride ourselves in encouraging and managing to help as many of our students as possible to thrive in the subjects they enjoy the most through the art of reading and using their creative and imaginative skills to the best of their ability. 

We hope all of our students enjoyed World Book Day as much as we did!