Spring is here, the landscapers in Bergerac have embellished the beds with 25,000 bulbs and biennial plants and it looks magnificent! Bergerac always looks beautiful, in every season, and has so much history and character to share with the tend of thousands of visitors who live or holiday here.

Bergerac is only half an hour away from our school and it is an essential part of trips and education sources for the school, so we're looking forward to a trip out with the students once restrictions are eased. British tourism in France continues to increase year on year and is a huge essential part of the country's economy and evergrowing industries. Bergerac is one of many towns down south in France that attract millions of tourists every summer and we are extremely hopeful that restrictions will be eased enough by the summer to welcome many more into our hearts and the wonderful place we call our local town. 

We hope you all have a wonderful start to the spring and a positive year ahead with a wonderful summer full of opportunities and lovely weather to look forward to. This is only the beginning.