Another month passes, another successful Art and Design workshop at The Old School. With topics and areas of focus changing every workshop there was never a hint of doubt that this one would bring as much excitement as the rest. Car keys were the focus of the day with some unique abstract ability being shown amongst our GCSE and A Level Art students. 

Our workshop is continuing to bring a record number of students in every month with the numbers and popularity consistently increasing despite the current pandemic making interaction and conferring ideas heavily limited. The high numbers in turn gave us the opportunity to have some magnificent photos taken, demonstrating the clear success our our workshop and the pride we take in running such a close community. 

The Art students are currently working towards their GCSE and A Level projects and our workshop is an essential part in giving us the opportunity to work one on one individually with our students and outline their areas of speciality in the Art department. We are always changing the area of focus for the workshop each month for this specific reason. As a result, we continue to thrive and maintain an exceptional high standard of all our creative departments at The Old School, with Art being one of our most popular chosen subjects, and it is very clear to see why. Well done to all of our students this month, the next workshop is just around the corner.

Art & Design courses for young people (14+) and adults

Understanding advanced and higher level Art & Design, suitable for aspiring GCSE and A Level Art and Design students. Learn to draw, print, photography, sculpture, abstraction, composition, history of art and advanced techniques. Our students consistently achieve the highest results (A* to B) and fulfil the requirements in advanced studies for entrance into further education. 

Our aim is to provide a monthly full day, where the students come to the school to complete their Art & Design portfolios and take guidance and teaching from Joel, in order for them to prepare to enter into the GCSE or A level Art & Design examinations.

We are increasingly contacted by families whose children attend the French education system but who feel that their children would excel in the Arts if they could be taught the subject in addition to their regular school studies. Fitting this round the weekly schedule of any Collegien or Lyceen is difficult which is why we have come up with the monthly solution.

Our next Art workshop runs on Saturday 13th March, be sure not to miss it!