Our fantastically talented Music teacher Paola Vera performed a highly successful livestream on Saturday night with hundreds of people tuning in to listen to an event of originality and high class performance. Her performance was well received by everybody watching with songs ranging from a set of originals to some well known covers we all just love to hear on a relaxing Saturday evening. The livestream can be found online with the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/576773459955207/ 

Paola specialises in Vocals and Piano, she also teaches GCSE and A level music, taking her students on a magical journey to realise their full musical potential with incredible grades! She has worked with many prominent sessions musicians over the course of her career including Paul Booth, Richard Niles and Pete Churchill and has produced two albums of her own which can be found on Spotify. Paola is currently the Head of Music at The Old School and has been working with us for over seven years. Our music classes are organised by her every week and include all aspects of music ranging from the history of music through to practical work and education on music in the modern era. Before lockdown our music department, run by Paola used to always organise a special music performance for the end of the year with everybody at school taking part. Sadly, due to lockdown this was not possible in 2020 and is looking unlikely this year as well.

Paola currently works with our newest staff member Joe in our department, an assistant tutor who specialises in Drums and Percussion who has recently graduated from ACM Guildford with a 1st class BA Hons degree in Music Industry Practice. He has produced and directed many different musical projects during lockdown including collaborations and covers of well known global songs, working with other professional musicians on original content and posting many of his own drum covers, all of which can be found on his website. His best know collaboration was 'Africa' originally by Toto, featuring eight professional musicians and can be found using this link: https://youtu.be/dqoimoaN0xI

Both Paola and Joe can be contacted via their websites or email for private tuition in their specialised instrument and are available for regular session work once the industry begins to pick up following the effects of lockdown. Joe already has many exciting projects planned including a trip to London in July for two days of filming for a currently secret, unadvertised project and a special reunion gig with Dirty Shirley at The Boileroom, Guildford in August. Their websites can be found below...