Over the past few months, we have been working on a charitable project called Quarantine Confections. We take great pride in our ability to be able to help out multiple organisations and give opportunities to people who are far less fortunate and have been suffering enormously as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Milli, Josh and Lauren have been superb in their discipline and professional work for the pop up business, with success and profits being highly successful.  

After careful consideration and research we picked ‘Action for children’ and their Secret Santa project. The charity and company are based in Watford, UK and they provide children with vital necessities- including food, water, clothes and shelter. We chose this brilliant charity as we think that all children deserve the opportunities that we take for granted. Many of them are far less fortunate than us and that is often overlooked by what is going on elsewhere in the world. Charities and organisations like these are what we need to give equality to everyone. After coming across the website, which explained last year more than 4 million children in the UK were in poverty, this charity managed to help 368,648 vulnerable children, we felt sure that this charity was the right recipient for our donation.

We feel proud to have been able to donate €100 to this worthy cause and we would like to thank you all immensely for your purchases, your support and encouragement with this iGCSE Business Studies Project. Milli, Josh and Lauren have been fantastic throughout and it has been heavily down to their professional skills and talent which has made this project so highly successful. 

Thank you again everyone! 

Please find a link to the charity 'Action for Children' below.