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Are you homeschooling during lockdown?

Are you looking for extra tuition to support your children with GCSE and A level studies?

Would your child benefit from individual attention to help them with their studies?

The Old School provides remote classes or individual tutoring, to the very highest standard, with a multi-professional teaching team that concentrates on every aspect of each learner's development. From pastoral care and support, youth development to special educational needs coordination and high academic achievement.

All subjects available, for all ages and all abilities.

Our unique approach sets us apart from other online education providers.

Whether you require support with a few subjects or a full curriculum, we are pleased to provide bespoke education programmes that suit the individual, with excellent exam results and broadened opportunities for future employment and higher education.

Fees start from as little as €10 per hour.

Contact us now for more information info@oldschoolfrance.com
or text 0033626571127 to speak to an advisor.

  • Art Class delivered via Zoom
  • iGCSE Geography lesson
  • Music lesson on-line
  • Studying at home
  • All members of the Class
  • Student at home attending Class
The Old School - Online

Key stages, 2, 3 and 4

Small class sizes, which allow for intensive persona─║ research and academic exploration, plus one to one tutorial support when required.

Students work with subject specialists in an established online school and exam centre.

High academic achievement, 100% pass rate, consistently since 2010.

Access to all GCSE and A level subjects, from Science, Languages and Humanities through to Arts, Music and Performance.

Professional support given to students for UCAS and global higher education admissions process. Help with personal statement preparation and references.

Professionally qualified special educational needs team for access arrangements, extra time, scribe, use of a word processor and regular breaks.

Specialist youth development projects are available to help learners build positive self esteem and robust strategies, to enable social education and active citizenship.

The Old School provide GCSE, International GCSE, A levels and International A level examinations for the following subjects:

English Language
English Literature

Business Studies
Art & Design
Global Citizenship
Computer Science

If your child is following a homeschool programme, or maybe they're following English studies in addition to their Brevet or Baccalaureat, they can sit their examinations at our centre.

We can help your child to sit exams in France, with minimal disruption and maximum focus.

The Old School is an independent international Collège and Lycée hors contrat, recognised by the Academie de Bordeaux RNE 0471040A.

The Old School specialises in positive education outcomes for children, young people and families.

The qualified specialist team at The Old School place equal share on maintaining academic achievement and the development of emotional intelligence, personal and social education. This approach underpins the professional strategies to assist children, young people and families when making the transition to France.

The Old School is not just about academic success, although it is a high achieving school. The focus is on the holistic needs of the learner. An underlying philosophy is happiness in education. An open and transparent approach, where staff work for, and on behalf of, children, young people and families. This cooperative and empowering professional relationship enables success and high achievement.

Whilst the teaching is in English, The Old School is committed to social cohesion and is fully embedded within its local French community. This unique opportunity allows meaningful and real cultural experiences, assistance from reliable sources to enable successful relocation, language development and genuine cultural experiences.

True education empowers the individual to effect positive change. Education challenges prejudice, hatred, and enables empathy and positive emotional intelligence to achieve success.

The Old School is an approved Edexcel examination centre, with facilities for external students to take iGCSE, GCSE and A level examinations whilst in France. We are proud of our consistently excellent examination results.

The Old School is an independent international Collège and Lycée hors contrat, recognised by the Academie de Bordeaux RNE 0471040A.

email: info@oldschoolfrance.com

47410 St Colomb de Lauzun
05 53 40 60 54

The Old School : College - Lycée
Etablissement d’enseignement secondaire privé hors contrat RNE 0471040A