The assistant deputy visits the football pitch and the orchards.
Last Thursday, the village welcomed the assistant deputy Francis Bianchi. In the boardroom at the town hall, an hour or so was devoted to going round the table to give the elected members the opportunity to discuss the life, needs and achievements of the village. The abolition of the council tax was invoked in the debate, followed by the question of subsidized employment contracts with their pertaining constraints and the obligation to remain vigilant as to the possible risks related to the new constructions and their security in its various forms. Another theme that was discussed in depth was the complex rules of urbanization and finally the difficulties involved in the fact that, “after twenty years, France has had to entrust more and more responsibilities to elected officials”.
Joel and Julie, in charge of The Old School, showcased its role and its objectives, also proudly acknowledged how “grateful they were to the Education nationale since 2015 when the school received its official registration number”.
The group then went to the football pitch to visit the new pavilion reserved for associations and which was purpose built for the football section. The assistant deputy learnt that the stadium has been named after Pol Xavier in memory of the generous patron of Saint-Colomb.
Concerned prune producers
Not in the least discouraged by the cold weather, the group then headed to Frank Hayer’s farm, Les Vergers de Bertounèche, situated in the upper part of the village. He presented to his guests the growing methods for Agen prunes. He then guided them towards a plot where the trees were being pruned in preparation for the coming season. The conversation then proceeded to the huge difficulties recently met by producers ie : poor sales, failing prices, the fate of prune growing and consequently, the uncertain future of the prune .
After Francis Bianchi was shown various products derived from prunes, everyone was very happy to find a place to warm up.

Janine Chappert