Adult French Lessons

French Classes for Adults

For more info or to book a place please phone: Julie on 05 53 64 24 97 or email


A message from Ruth Brannam, who has been teaching French to adults at The Old School in St Colomb de Lauzun since the beginning of this term. Ruth teaches two classes of interested adult learners each week. The feedback from all learners has been fantastic, all are progressing well, with increased confidence and desire to put their improved skills into practice.

"I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all adults who would like to learn French - beginners, intermediary and advanced.

Since my first French class at the age of nine, I have always loved languages. I studied for my degree at Oxford University in French and German, and later I learned Russian while working for the British government.

Now I am a teacher of modern languages (French, German and Russian) for almost twenty years. Before moving to France, I worked in two English schools: in the first I taught young people between 14-18 years, and in the second young people between 10-13 years old. I also gave private lessons to individuals, adults and children, which made me very happy".

Monday 2-4pm Intermediate
Tuesday 11am -1pm Beginners

The classes are well planned, structured, delivered professionally and will teach you general written and spoken French in an informal and friendly environment.

You can learn at The Old School at St Colomb de Lauzun - either in small group classes (max 10) or on an individual basis.

When we first discuss your language needs we will explain the different options open to you. For some of our students a class, once a week, is the perfect way to start or to improve. For others we can tailor a special course with a specialised teacher and can deliver French tuition for very particular purposes.

We are located within an approved French and English speaking school where you can learn from the beginning or build on your existing knowledge. Group Lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, reading, pronunciation and grammar that will help you survive and communicate in everyday situations.

As an Edexcel approved examination centre there is the option for students to study to GCSE and A Level, with all examinations taking place here at The Old School.

Fees : 8 Euros per adult per week. One to one lessons €30 per hour.

Please email or phone 05 53 64 24 97 to reserve your place.

Learn French at the Old School in St. Colomb de Lauzun
- small group size
- beginner and intermediate classes

Apprendre l'anglais à l'ancienne école de Saint-Colomb de Lauzun
- Petite taille du groupe
- Débutant et les classes intermédiaires


47410 St Colomb de Lauzun
05 53 64 24 97